Leaked Kremlin documents support claim that Russia has ‘compromising material’ on Trump: report

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From the article: >The main subject of the closed meeting was a **plan to deploy Russian intelligence in an audacious bid to help Trump win the upcoming election** against Hillary Clinton, the Guardian said. (…) **Russian officials believed a Trump victory would aid Russia by badly destabilizing the US.** > >The documents provide a psychological profile of Trump, **describing him as “mentally unstable.”** > >The paper refers to **”certain events”** that happened during Trump’s trips to Moscow. It referred to an appendix for further details, though its unclear what those were.


Any information they have is useless now. The Russian’s could release the pee-pee tape and his supporters would say it was a baptism.


starting to look like that trump guy wasn’t really on the up and up…


Wait I thought he was “Totally exonerated”


In these documents, Donald Trump is described as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex.” Irrespective of whether or not these documents turn out to be authentic, that’s an accurate summary of Trump’s mental and emotional characteristics. I would add that he desires to be a dictatorial tyrant, and that millions of his current followers are working to subvert our Constitution in order to install him in this capacity as our unelected leader.