Maine becomes first state in the country to pass law that charges corporations that do not use sustainable packaging materials

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If the state can force retailers to charge me a deposit on every bottled drink i buy then they can charge corporations for using shitty packaging. My only problem is how does one enforce this? Im thinking of all that nameless Chinese made crap at a dollar store? Who do they charge for that?


This is great, and making them pay sends a message, but real change will happen when corporations prioritize and innovate environmentally friendly solutions. Consumers are hooked on single use products, including single serve chip bags, beverages, and cleaning wipes. There is a great deal that they need to do as well. We all can do better, we all must do better.


Put the onus on the corporations, not the people. Stop vilifying people for buying products with shitty plastic packaging, start fining corporations for making that shit.


Hopefully California follows suit. The world functioned just fine back when everything came in cardboard boxes instead of clamshell packaging.


Time to invest in mushroom based packaging