MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows We’re on Schedule.

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Society is in a slow downwards spiral but everyone is too busy to notice.


*Sees article is on vice, induces a Liz lemon level eye roll.


It’ll never happen. If nothing else humans are adaptable. Birth rates are slowing down worldwide, technology is ever advancing, we’ll figure it out.


That’s interesting. I wonder if they’ve modelled that at a national level. In a way the fragmented nature of our governance sort of leads to resource wars doesn’t it? Maybe we can create a new smarter human being that can conceive of themselves as a group. Speciate and seed the planet for after the purge with new man. I’d like to do a poll, what does the community think is the cause of unrestrained growth? Can we overcome with technological innovation?


An interesting fact is that fossil fuels are what have freed up the time that has allowed us to become as advanced as we are. If in the future, after fossil fuels are used up, if we were to lose our capability of renewable/nuclear energy production, we would likely find ourselves stuck in a dark age that would be extremely difficult to escape from. There would be few “free” energy reserves to draw from.