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Dont skip neck day. Edit: just thow few sets of neck curls at the end of workout with your own head weight or light plate and do it until nasty pump.


To release your hips/glutes, sit on your bum with your legs in front of you, bent at the knee, cross over your left leg so that your left ankle is resting just above your right knee. now, elevate your bum and lean into your left glute and move around (while elevated) til you find a tense spot and hold it there. continue to move around and hold any areas that feel sore or tense my physio taught me this but i haven’t been able to find the name of the exercise so i hope this description is clear!


If you want to feel your lats during your back work like lats pulldown/dumbbell row. Wear tight compression shirt. You will feel it. For lats pull down, pull with your inndex, ring and pinky finger. Doing will allow your back to take all the work, not your biceps.


Well one the biggest learning I’ve had in the last 1.5 years after previously doing (~3 years) lot of my workout with F*uckaroundtis.* I realized never, ever and swear on your parents, children and unborn children to skip lower body workout. I can’t emphasize the amount of change I’ve seen in my lifts, core etc. I just gained by properly working out my lower body. I used to hate squats (I still do) but now grind my teeth and do them. And lo and behold my chest press improved and so did my OHP. I would say do not miss out on deadlifts, squats, lunges!


Unless you’re competing in powerlifting don’t be afraid to substitute exercises for the “Big 3” if you can’t do them for whatever reason. I kept forcing myself into Squats/Deadlifts/etc. and finally realized how much I hated them (even hurt myself a few times). Exercising is supposed to be enjoyable! There are plenty of substitutes for casual lifters if those aren’t working for you.