New insight into how plasma heats up could help optimise fusion reactions. A new theory about how plasma behaves could help move scientists closer to the goal of emission-free fusion energy.

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I was talking to a post-doc astrophysicist 2 days ago about ITER as he was really interested in the topic, and he was extremely optimistic about the whole project being successful as they are close to starting the commissioning phase. If the project is successful, the amount of energy generated from deuterium–tritium fusion is around 3 times the amount released from uranium-235. I’m so excited, this could really be the turning-point for how we derive energy compared to nowadays.


I was wondering if one can go directly to electricity from fusion? Rather then using fusion to heat water and drive a turbine generator. Or are we basically stuck boiling water?


Is there that much of a need to figure out fusion anymore with renewable energy sources like solar becoming increasingly cheap and battery tech allowing storage and transmission between grids?


Not for another few decades. Lobbying will ensure that nothing ever threatens the petrodollar