NorCal homeopathic doctor gave out fake COVID vaccine cards, ‘immunization pellets’ she claimed protect from virus: DOJ

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“Immunization pellets” Anti-vax people are weird. “I don’t know what is in the vaccine but I’ll swallow some sketchy fucking pellets from some pretend doctor.”


I don’t believe there is such a thing as a homeopathic doctor. I believe ‘quack’ is the word they were looking for.


Craig Ferguson told a story about his stay in rehab. Dropped off at a facility by his dad, greeted by a great, looming battle axe veteran of the drug wars, a Scottish nurse. She brings him inside and hands him a cup of pills. He refuses to take them “I got no idea what you got there!” She takes his collar in her hand (I’m embellishing here. But you can google it), leans in and says very quietly, “you’ve been snorting stuff off tin foil from strangers in the men’s room at dive bars. You’ll be taking these nice, clean pills, now”.


>“This doctor violated the all-important trust the public extends to healthcare professionals — at a time when integrity is needed the most,” said Special Agent in Charge Steven J. Ryan of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. And this is on the government, for allowing this *soci*opathic trash to call themselves **doctors** and play pretend-doctor in the first place. HOMEOPATHS ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS any more than a chiropractor knows physiotherapy.


“Mazi had been offering homeoprophylaxis immunizations for childhood illnesses that she falsely claimed would satisfy California school requirements, and falsified vaccine cards that parents submitted to schools, according to the news release. Homeoprophylaxis involves using diluted amounts of a disease with claims that it would stimulate the immune system.” ​ They are SOOOO close to getting it.