Pastor begs God for ‘mercy’ as COVID-19 sweeps megachurch: ‘Lord we didn’t want to be in the news’

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God gave them a way to stop the virus: a vaccine.


And the lord replied: “I gave you doctors, nurses, virologists and you ignored them all… what the fuck more do you want from me, dumbasses?”


“We don’t want this bad publicity” and “God, please stop the virus” are… incredibly… just bad. Like, the virus stops when people stop transmitting it as much. And you want the bad publicity to stop while changing none of your behavior and seeing if god will just… end viral transmission? Wtf dude. This sounds like the only thing the pastor is upset about is “the church” when it should be “the people of the church”


This on their web site “Please join me in praying for full recovery for all who are ill, and pray for a stop to any further transmission of the virus.” Nothing about vaccination or other means to prevent the spread of disease.


A bad shepherd led his flock into the wolves den shouting god would save them from the wolves. The wolves thanked god for the free meal.