‘Shame on Us,’ Says Warnock, If Senate Dems Let Filibuster Kill Voting Rights | “No Senate rule supersedes people’s constitutional rights,” said the Democratic senator from Georgia.

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For real. The Senate having rules is 100% predicated on the citizen’s right to vote, and logically should fall behind it in order of importance.


> Democratic senator from Georgia Damn, that’s satisfying


Hey, Joe Manchin has business contacts to worry about. When he retires from the Senate, do you expect him to have to live in some 10,000 square foot mansion, like some kind of peasant? Of course not! He deserves to live in a mansion so large it causes measurable ecological damage, and has a 15 foot high golden statue of the ‘Manch out front. And without the sweet blood money he’ll get from killing any reform, how do you expect him to afford it? America will just have to take the hit on this one. Some things are more important than the health of the nation or the will of the people. Like a sweet ass pile of money, apparently.


Can I just say I really enjoy the 2GA senators. We put a lot of focus on them and while as a party, Dems are fucking up, Warnock has been very nicely outspoken on racial and social issues while Ossof is a big infra guy. I’m very happy we didn’t push so hard and end up w 2 diene Feinsteins


For everyone asking me last week in this sub what more Democrats could be doing to fight the GOP trying to disenfranchise millions of voters around the country, THIS LITERALLY THIS