Stay in touch with people in your industry/job type and don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary! (and job hopping vs. not example)

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Recruiter here. Just want to say I agree 💯


I negotiate salaries and contracts every day. This is great advice.


> He had some feedback that he was not yet ready to be senior level at my current company, but didn’t want to wait for it, so he left to a competitor and got the senior title there This is my situation today. My company makes the senior jump very difficult. I’ve been trying, but had so many road blocks. Meanwhile I’ve got a friend at a competitor saying “get your promo today by joining us, and we’ll pay a high total comp”. I’ve watched other friends make exactly that move. I like my boss, I like my team, I even kind of like my job. But do I like them enough to ignore the total comp difference? Hard to say.


Thanks I really needed this advice.


Needed this as well, actually almost posted my situation. Thanks!