Surgeon general warns misinformation an ‘urgent threat’ to public health

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Remember when we thought the internet would make people smarter, not just make it so dumb people could spread dumb information to other dumb people?


My mom who was hypertensive stumbled upon misinformed videos regarding her medications. She stopped taking them because as per these videos, her maintenance meds are bad for her. She died weeks later. Misinformation kills.


> It frames misinformation as having hindered vaccination efforts, sown mistrust, caused people to reject public health measures, use unproven treatments, prolonged the pandemic and put lives at risk. The people that deliberately spread pandemic/vaccine misinformation should be shamed. They’re getting people killed. Also social media companies should be ashamed of themselves. They’ve let their platforms be sites of misinformation. Folks who spread bullshit about public health need to be deplatformed. They’re a threat to people’s lives.


Facebook should have just stayed the way it was. (I regret showing my grandmother how to work it back in 2009 because she barely gets info from anywhere else)


Eventually we’re going to have some _incredibly_ uncomfortable discussions about how misinformation is a national security issue.