TIL early puberty is a hereditary genetic condition. In one writer’s case, it meant growing pubic hair when he was only 2: “I Was a 4-Year-Old Trapped in a Teenager’s Body”

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Went to school with a guy who had this exact thing. We were all on a basketball team and were 8 years old at the time. He had a goatee and was developed to a point of an 18 year old. Needless to say we went undefeated that year. It was kind of unfair because he would just nab all the rebounds. After high school we ran into each other when we were around 21. He still looked the exact same as when we were 8. He is now probably the shortest man in our graduating class at around 5’2”. He obviously didn’t have all the treatments this guy went through. He is doing good though last time I spoke with him!


A guy in my basic training had this. He was around 5 feet tall and had been shaving since he was 9


This article is so interesting


I had this condition. Puberty blockers, both injected and then starting when I was 3 years old, implanted into me. Today I am a solid 6 1/2 feet tall and sometimes when I bring it up, my parents are very happy that they were able to preserve my growth. Though my bone age is about two years older than I am, it could’ve been a lot worse. One of the first signs for me was also pubic hair at a very young age.


Kudos to his mother…I cannot imagine the amount of stress she went through.