To Save Hubble Space Telescope, NASA Will Switch to Backup Hardware. The problem stumped engineers for weeks, but they’re finally ready to try switching to backup hardware. A NASA scientist says there’s no guarantee, but the switch could finally bring Hubble back online.

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I hope they can save it. It will be undoubtedly sad if they can’t, but the reality is that Hubble has given us more than we possibly could have asked for and its contributions to science will be everlasting.


>[…] that was Hubble’s fifth and final reservicing operation. NASA does not currently have a way to launch astronauts to the space telescope. I watched Endeavor disappear over the horizon while it was headed to California on the back of it’s 747 carrier. The world got darker that day.


what will they do if it’s not salvageable? let it burn up on reentry, viking funeral style? or keep it up there and try to retrieve it?


So I’m assuming they haven’t tried turning it off and back on again, right?


Has tech advanced enough since Hubble for a new telescope to be more cost effective than fixing Hubble? Or would we be wasting money sending up a new one that’s only like 10% better