Top EU court rules hijab can be banned at work

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Not (only) the hijab, any religious item


Covering the face – I can understand. But banning the covering of the hair? Eh.


I actually ban any kind of lose clothing in my shop for safety reasons, this includes jewellery. I, also against religious items. Having grew up in Northern Ireland during the trouble I don’t believe religion belongs in sports, politics or the work place. But hey, each to their own.


The ruling says that employers can ban political or religious symbols (which includes all religious symbols, such as crosses, kippahs, hijabs or turbans.) if the symbols might impact the employers “neutral” image. So on paper this is discrimination against religious and political freedom, but not specifically against Islam. However, it will disproportionally affect Muslim women, since the hijab is a widespread and widely criticized symbol. My personal opinion is that religious symbols should be protected, but at the same time I suspect for many girls and even women hijabs are used as a form of social control incompatible with European values. The idea of “protecting” women and children by creating “hijab-free” areas in society (schools, jobs, etc.) backfires, since it discriminates against the very people the laws aim to protect. This is a difficult and nuanced topic I’m personally undecided on.


Idk man, seems like you’re opening the door to religious discrimination to say employers can ban religious symbols in the workplace.