UK Parliament calls for 50/50 streaming royalties split between artists and record labels

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As someone outside of the industry, why do artists still need record labels?


Artists should get their cut.


Fuuuuuuck yes! It’s a start! The music industry has cannibalized itself, and the fact that almost no artist can get away without a 360 deal, or something along those lines, is ridiculous. 50/50 for royalties is only right. The record label doesn’t have shit, without the musicians!


yeah fuck record companies. Everything is streamed now. All record companies do is prey on artists that don’t understand copyright law and give them a big package and money. Guess what? You can do all that yourself for cheaper and own your own shit. It’s $75 to incorporate your own business, lots of copyright lawyers around that’ll help you on copyrighting your works and lots of trademark lawyers that’ll tell you how to trademark your name/logo. If you’re an artist, you’re a business, and there’s significant benefits to incorporating – number 1 being that you gain liability protections.


Sounds fair, but I doubt it will happen. Guess who has the deeper pockets