Vaccine manufacturer Moderna accused of tax avoidance | The US-based pharmaceuticals company passed the profits it made on sales of its coronavirus vaccine in Europe to a shell company in Switzerland to avoid paying tax, according to an investigation

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An unethical pharmaceutical company?!?! I don’t think that’s ever happened before! 🤔


Which is probably perfectly legal. We should be complaining about the laws themselves that support and indeed encourage tax avoidance. Of course first we have to address the reason for those laws in the first place, i.e. the corrupting influence of corporate “donations” to politicians – the root cause of almost every other problem. The dysfunctional up system of maladaptive political incentives is the core issue. These repetitive issues are just symptoms of that.


Nothing will happen.


Scumbag pharmaceutical company doing scumbag things? Never.


Any company that gets big enough is going to get their own accountants. Those accountants are going to look at the cash flow and say “You’ve got route A and route B. Route B is cheaper in every way”. Why would you even consider route A? Moral highground doesn’t increase revenue as much as some people seem to think.