‘We didn’t want to be in the news’: Pastor pleas for ‘mercy’ after 125 in his ‘masks optional’ summer camp get Covid

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Typical, irresponsible, neglegent, ignorant. It’s been proven again and again they are criminal but it goes on. Is the world mad?


>Lord, we didn’t want to be in the news, at least not for this, maybe for serving or some extreme generosity, but not this,” Sin of Pride >Despite this, Mr Wesley has insisted that the church has practiced “strict safety protocols” to mitigate the spread of the virus at the group’s events. Bearing false witness


Get your vaccinations, kids. Clearly Jesus did not protect those good Christian folks. You need the vaccine for that kind of protection. Remember, more than 99 percent of people currently stricken with covid infections, are unvaccinated. A majority of evangelicals are refusing the vaccines. The result is easy to predict. It ain’t prophetic, it’s pretty simple math. You know, you can’t vote in 2024 if you’re dead.


I can’t believe the power of prayer didn’t help /s


How many times does prayer have to fail before you stop praying? The Pope and Mike Pence have ALREADY prayed to end the pandemic 16 months ago. You see how well that worked!!