“What can I do?” Anything. The battle for a livable future is a battle against fossil fuels. Right now, it’s all hands on deck.

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I’ll make sure to use my reusable bags twice as hard the next time I’m at a farmers market. It’s not what individuals are doing, its the gov’t failing to set new emissions standards, corporations who refuse to comply with current emissions standards, companies who refuse to manufacture sustainable plastic (because the single use plastics wind up being set on fire and released into the atmosphere in Indonesia), but sure. I’ll make sure to take a shorter shower and use as many paper straws as I can.


Right now, it’s… too late. Most of the world economy is based on fossil fuels. Tell OPEC to stop, like right now. I’ll wait. Climate’s already changed. You can’t turn it back like a car. We all gonna suffer for decades.


It’s also a battle against the animal agriculture industry, who are equally culpable in the catastrophic devastation of ecosystems. It’s also a battle against the human being’s insatiable desire for short term profit and pleasure at the cost of continued existence.


America isn’t doing it. Post this on a Chinese forum. We don’t feel bad because american carbon is wildly down. No one cares.