What is the biggest lie you’ve been told by society?

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“Honesty is the best policy” Shut your mouth and get a lawyer.


Every year of school I was told that next year is gonna be tough. “Good luck in middle school it’s 10x harder than 6th grade” that was a lie “good luck in high school it’s 20x harder than middle school” that was a lie. This is only true for college


Kids are told that that you’ll grow up, meet someone, marry and live happily ever after. A fairy tale instead of the truth. Sometimes you don’t meet someone, not organically, marriage isn’t always the answer and relationships are damn hard work.


That when I grow up I will want to get married and have children. I’m 43 and I still have no interest. I’m happy with my life though, and I’ll always celebrate my friends and family’s engagements, marriages and kids.


There’s someone out there for everyone.