At least 70 large wildfires burning in US west as fears mount over conditions

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> The extremely hot, dry conditions fanning these fires are linked to human-caused climate change. The US west has grown much drier and warmer over the past three decades and is expected to grow more extreme which, in turn, is poised to create more frequent and destructive wildfires. I worry we are absolutely fucked. Unless we go on a total war footing against climate change, we are absolutely fucked. These fires will worsen in coming years.


Lol, and we are watching billionaires circle jerk each other in to space


Dry lightening warning for greater bay area tomorrow. That’s what triggered the Santa Cruz and other fires in the area last year. Yay. If you live anywhere in the west, buy an indoor air filter asap while you still can. Edit: typo but to buy


Our Evergreens are no longer Evergreen here in the PNW. Not only are we on fire, again, but we never recovered from the last year**s**. Having lived here my whole life, it is strange to look onto the mountain side and instead of seeing all green, seeing a patchwork of green and brown. Trees that shouldn’t be dead…are. Rivers, lakes, and reservoirs might as well be empty. We have pulled angling regulations in certain situations just to try and harvest as many fish from an area as possible, before there isn’t enough water for the ones that get left. We had/have no snow pack. What little snow was received was burnt off in a hurry. The previously mentioned wildfires have destroyed so much habitat that wildlife are now moving into the populated areas. Bears, bobcats, cougar. Daily sightings where I live. The year before the pandemic the school had to put up a Cougar Fence to prevent the cougars from coming onto the school grounds. Nothing about this is normal, or part of a cycle, or just a blip. We have gone down a road we shouldn’t have even looked down.


Shoulda raked them mfs. Joking aside, God help us.