Reducing incarceration in 2020 did not lead to increase in overall crime in Baton Rouge, study finds

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Question: Was the reduction in incarceration done at the same time as a reduction in arrests/policing/police budget/etc.? To put it another way: Is crime really down, or is it only down on paper?


Pretty sure using 2020 as an example puts a big ol’ asterisk on the whole study. There are so many factors in play that weren’t in previous years. It’s not like the incarceration rate was the only possible factor driving the change.


This is a textbook example of a junk study. The study compares the number of times people called police to report a crime before 2020 with the number of times people called police to report a crime during 2020, even though residents were told in 2020 that police would not respond to non-emergency calls and were asked not to call 911 to report most crimes.


“Despite the fact that Baton Rouge experienced its most murderous year on record in 2020” I mean yeah murders are skyrocketing by at least petty crime is easy down (during a pandemic).


I work in law enforcement and it was my experience over the early days of the pandemic that property crime went down but domestic violence went up and other violent crime was largely unaffected. Since property crime is more common here than violent crime, our overall crime rate did go down, but that was almost certainly driven by the lockdowns and other factors with the pandemic, not by lower incarceration numbers… so I feel like the claim in the headline is failing to mention the major factors affecting the crime rate. That being said, I do support efforts to lower the number of people who are incarcerated, particularly those on pretrial detention for nonviolent offenses.