1,069 Bitcoin Miners Steamrolled In Malaysia for Stealing Energy

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I find it weird that the majority of Reddit is in favor of changes to prevent climate change but it also seems to be the majority are in favor of Bitcoin. This is profiting from burning coal and natural gas. Like someone saying “Run your truck all night tonight and I’ll pay for your gas and give you 30 bucks.” You make 30 bucks but you just kicked the planet in the nuts.


Don’t worry chaps! It wasn’t GPUs – this article has a misleading header image. It was 1069 ANSIC miners, not graphics cards. Phew.


“Miners steamrolled in Malaysia” Clicked on the article just to double check that they weren’t actually ran over by a steamroller as punishment.


In other news, 1069 computer chips now Ewaste in Malaysia,


“No outlet was able to explain why the mining rigs were handled in this way” I’m gonna go ahead and state the obvious: so they can’t move them and do it again?