60 people sickened in ‘chemical incident’ at Texas water park

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So this will be a major lawsuit when all is said and done, correct? Wonder if anything criminal will come out of it as well.


> “The chemical combination was about 30-35% sulfuric acid and 10-13% bleach, and that’s all we have at this time,” said Spring Fire Department Chief Scott Seifert. I thought you were never supposed to mix those…


Texas will be socializing the costs immediately, declaring this a national disaster – like they do when, for example, a local chemical plant explodes. Texas is really, really good at saying local issues are to be paid for by America at large.


“39 people refused transport.” Gotta love America. You exposed to an unknowns chemical that’s making dozens sick and you don’t wanna goto the ER because it’ll bankrupt you…..


So one time in Korea, our water treatment plant over treated the water in fear of an upcoming inspection. The showers that morning after burned the skin. We ended up having to shower in tents and only allowed one liter of bottled water for a week, in August.