Arizona finds no voter fraud as “audit” continues and voting rights legislation stalls in Congress

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The purpose of the so-called “audit” was never to find fraud, it was to keep the base fired up and cast doubt on the system. My only hope is that it back-fires and enough of the GQP base stays home for the Democrats to keep power


Trump lost Arizona because he insulted John McCain so many times, his wife endorsed Biden. So did a former Senator.


They’re not trying to find fraud now… they’re just keeping the big lie going to keep the cult in line


There’s 74k fraudulent Ballots! okay, who were they for? “we dont know” how did you come up with 74k? “we cant tell you that either”


The point of this isn’t to finish the audit and find voter fraud but to just keep the issue in the news so people will feel uncertain about election integrity. Right out of an Orwellian playbook.