Arkansas National Guardsmen speak out about unsafe living conditions due to COVID

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I don’t understand why Covid vaccinations aren’t mandatory in the military. The army can make you get an Anthrax or Smallpox vaccine, but not Covid? I don’t see the logic.


If only there was a *free* and *proven* way to prevent getting COVID…


>He said that he believes less than 5 percent are wearing masks, which he said doesn’t make sense because only 30-35 percent of the guardsmen are vaccinated. That problem can be solved by tossing a CS grenade into those tents and yell “GAS GAS GAS”.


Either Lt. Col Mason or the anonymous mother is lying. She said her son tested positive, after day 5 he was not retested but released from quarantine. Yet Lt. Col. Mason is claiming anyone exposed is quarantined for 10 days and retested on day 7. Want to guess which one I believe? Plus, the US military requires extensive vaccines for their employees but both don’t require Covid vaccines or Covid safety protocols….during a pandemic.


Maybe they should get, ya know, vaccinated. I have no sympathy here.