Art looted from war zones (2021) – Antiquities stolen in the Middle East have resurfaced in art markets all over the world. Undercover investigators follow sales from artifacts stolen in Libya, Yemen & Syria with the help of middlemen in Israel, the UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Spain & more [00:46:26]

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no business more profitable than war, right?


It’s terrible that such countries get looted. Wonder if they find artifacts of cultural significance do they put it in the Louvre…with the stuff that the French themselves pillaged?


Outrageous… and all too common. How many items at the museums in London and Cambridge were taken without consent? Someday, there will be a reckoning.


When the dealer acts in good faith he becomes immune against any charges. Wtf! If I’d do that with any other good, I will be prosecuted for handling stolen goods!! As soon as big money is involved to many things get legal.


There are all sorts of problems with the art world. Stealing works of art might very well be one, but when people in the middle east actively destroy ancient works of art I’d argue that it’s probably best that they are taken. Taliban destroyed Buddha’s, ISIS destroyed dozens of ancient temples and statues. And many of the countries that aren’t at war don’t have the knowledge/resources to actually preserve the works of art. So you gotta ask yourself, what’s more important, preserving history and art or letting the “rightful owners” let it fall victim to disrepair and damage. If we allow the state to seize children from unfit parents what’s wrong with protecting heritage sites?