Balding men look way older than men who are actually bald.

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I started balding at 21,it was brutal because i had super thick hair, shaved that right away. Just own it, i know a guy that does the comb over and he looks like a cartoon that got struck by lightning.


I started balding pretty soon, so I shave my head since I was 18. It didn’t made me look younger, it makes me look slav.


Hey, this is coming from another dude, so maybe not the one you need to hear this from. But how you choose to deal with balding should be fucking free of judgement. Just like wrinkles, saggy skin and all other signs of aging are fuckinv natural, cool and good the way they are. Not gonna say your combover is beautiful, but if its hard to let go, I completly understand. Just do your thing.


Balding at the front I can handle. It’s the fucking great bald patch at the back that pisses me off.


It’s the stress of balding.