Biden Gets 66 Percent Approval From Americans in His Handling of Pandemic: Poll

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The folks who are still dumbfounded or trying to rectify why Fox News would willingly help kill off a portion of their audience (and political ilk) misunderstand their base motivation and underestimate how truly vile they are. Fox News has a mammoth political bend but they aren’t a political organization. They are a commercial enterprise driven by ratings and ad revenue. Thats it. Do those political and commercial interests overlap often? Absolutely. But not always. This instance is analogous to the ‘Ford Pinto’. The Pinto was a popular car which, due to placement of the gas tank, was prone to explosions even in the smallest accident. Ford did the math and found that paying out settlements for death or injury would cost less than a complete recall and repair, so they stayed silent on the matter. In this case. Fox News has done the math. They have determined that a few thousand dead viewers, maybe even a few tens of thousands dead viewers, is worth it compared to the potential ratings bonanza that may occur if, as they hope, the 70% vaccinated begin to resent and criticize the 30% unvaccinated. In that case we are talking millions of Americans determined to hear they are in the right and to know their cause is just. This is why Fox not only spreads disinformation about the vaccine, but they do so with intentional arrogance and vitriol to make you hate them. Hate them, hate their followers. Hate their followers and they retreat to the comfort and self assurance of more Fox News. Yes, they are that evil. There is no money to be made in a safe vaccinated America


Too bad the other 34% has 51% of the voting power in national elections


Odd that same number seems to literally apply to everything politics.


And it would probably be much higher if weren’t for the idiots who believed the anti-vax bullshit.


/r/conservative has a counter to this “Poll”; Biden has YouTube videos with downvotes… so, that proves Biden has a low approval rating. Yup. Internet votes are all they have.