Biden’s Sharp-Elbows China Policy Hints at More Trump-Style Pain

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Too little too late. America opened up their economy. Undermined their manufacturing sector. Lost trillions through imports and Middle class jobs through “free-market policy” with a country that wasn’t and will not ever embrace a democratic way of life. All in the name of making the already wealthy more money. There’s no putting that genie back in the bottle. The best they can hope for is damage limitation. Speaking as an Aussie. We did the same shit here… not having a dig… our short-sighted politicians fucked us all.


This is where Trump was highly useful. He lone rangered his way into these policies without fear of consequences. Which has allowed future politicians to utilize them. He did some dirty work that allowed himsel to be a scapegoat and take the brunt of new directions such as going toe to toe with China.


The tariffs are hurting the US economy and American consumers.


Last paragraph is the key. Trade barriers are still one sided even with much bolahoo on us import tax, its still much easier to sell cheap knock off stuff on amazon than for GM assembly in suzhou to import car components from US.


That’s like saying a concertina is hinting playing the violin at a more ape-style approach