Boycott the Federalist Society: The group refuses to condemn insurrectionists in its ranks. It should not occupy a place of respect in the legal community.

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> Most notorious among the lawsuits that sought to overturn the 2020 election was Paxton’s challenge to the voting procedures of four other states, an unprecedented legal maneuver that was summarily rejected by the Supreme Court. Of the 17 attorneys general who joined Paxton in that widely ridiculed effort, 13 are affiliated with the Federalist Society. > Two months ago, on the eve of my graduation from Stanford Law School, I learned that the Stanford chapter of the Federalist Society had filed a complaint against me over a satirical flyer I sent to a law school listserv in January. The flyer advertised an event at which Senator Joshua Hawley and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, both long-time Federalist Society members, would make “The Originalist Case for Inciting Insurrection.” > in a letter of complaint filed with Stanford’s Office of Community Standards, these third-year law students alleged that I had defamed Hawley, Paxton, and the Federalist Society itself. The immediate implications of this allegation were serious: Stanford put a hold on my diploma pending the outcome of their investigation, jeopardizing my graduation and admission to the bar.


The Federalist society is well funded by the same Koch org that funded the Tea Party as well as many climate change denial organizations. /r/kochwatch


I was boycotting them way before this as I assume many others were as well


The Federalist Society chose 45’s federal judge nominees. They’ll be corroding American law for decades. Terrifying.


It actually occupied a place of respect?