Can Science Cure Death? It Sure Looks Like It. The first unified theory of aging might be the key to humans living forever.

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I’d like to live forever if they’d also allow me to be more than a wage slave. I just want to experience life and learn a plethora of new things, but all I get is debt and back pain.


I live my life by the goals I set. One of my goals is to get to level 100. So while I sit here at 31 and think of 70 more years of potential life, I’m grateful that time is on my side, because I hope within the next 70 years there’s enough modern medicine to get me to 100 easily. However someone like my son, diagnosed with brain cancer, doesn’t have the luxury of time. Hard to imagine extending life longevity if we can’t eliminate some of the more immediate threats now.


“He steams or pressure-cooks most of his meals because, he says, charring meats creates chemicals that may increase the risk of cancer.” But is he truly alive then?


We would have to colonize other planets. If we lived forever this one would be f’ed.


I’d get on a generational ship headed to a new earth like planet.