Captured this image of the Andromeda galaxy after having weeks of cloud.

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My first time capturing the Andromeda galaxy since i started astrophotography pretty pleased with the result so thought i’d share it. **Equipment:** Skywatcher EQ3-2 Pro GOTO mount Skywatcher 72ED pro telescope 420mm focal length ZWO ASI 183MC pro colour camera Altair starwave 50mm guide scope GPcam mono guide camera **Programs used:** Astrophotography tool Sharp cap pro PHD2 guiding Photoshop Deep sky stacker Stellarium **Acquisition:** North Yorkshire , UK Bortle 4 zone 51x3min at gain 120 40 flats 40 darks 100 bias **Processing:** Stacked in DSS, cropped in photoshop, RGB levels adjusted and curves, ,raw camera filter to reduce noise and increase clarity.Used Astronomy tools plugin for photoshop to reduce star size and remove gradient.


Can you name a good quality telescope I’m sorry but i really want one but don’t know the best btw your pic is epic 🙂