Children With Mild or Asymptomatic COVID Have Strong Antibodies Months Later

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Guess what, its the same with adults too


What about T cells? I’ve heard (I’m no expert, clearly) those are a better indicator of long term immunity.


With many other viruses, chicken pox, measles, etc. you get it once, *maybe* twice, then you get over it and you’re set for life. But for some reason there seems to just be an automatic assumption that that doesn’t happen with COVID and anybody who even *asks* about it automatically labeled as some sort of conspiracy nut.


If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that rather common with most diseases of this ilk?


More generally, is there evidence that a mild or asymptomatic case in adults provides similar protection? We know it’s on par with vaccination for those who actually got sick. Kind of a moot point now, as vaccine availability is fairly good everywhere that testing is/was.