China reports first human death from Monkey B Virus

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Going back to bed. Fuck.


Is this a different virus from monkey pox? Cause there was 1 case of monkey pox in Texas. I hope authorities take this seriously. Kinda concerned it was a month for this man to develop symptoms. Hopefully he wasn’t spreading it.


Monkey D. Virus will be the one piece.


Remind me again 28 days later


>Citing the first human fatality from Monkey BV, China CDC Weekly said that the virus might pose a zoonotic threat to primate veterinarians, animal care personnel, or laboratory researchers. Worthy of interest not concern at this point. There’s tons of viruses that jump from animals to humans that are benign. A few cause serious illness or death. Before covid, this headline would’ve been widely ignored, now, many think the latest zoonotic virus is going to spawn the next pandemic. 😒 Edit: For those saying “we said the same thing about covid!” or some variation thereof, I’m not predicting anything from this virus, I’m just saying that it’s discovery doesn’t mean it’s the next Covid, and lots of viruses move from animals to humans. Variants occur all the time like this one, and we never hear about them because typically they’re only of interest to scientists for the most part. If you’re concerned about the spread of viruses, get a covid vaccine and help others do the same. The discovery of a new zoonotic virus or variant in itself isn’t cause for alarm.