Chinese provinces that failed to tackle pollution named by government

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Has the UN tried writing a strongly worded email yet though?


Friends from China have told me numerous stories about how these things work there. Basically, the central government names the unrealistic goals it wants achieved in order to impress the world (western countries mostly), so each province is pit against each other and the officials are under ridiculous pressure to meet the unachievable requirements, so after having forced local businesses and people to comply and still failed, they resort to falsifying results and numbers to present to the top. They get by by doing this and people at the top are happy to see what they have “achieved” and how much faster they pulled it off than the west. And of course, this all spirals out of control in the end and they have to face the harsh reality that only a fraction of their original goals were achieved and it has all been just bubbles.


Yunnan surprised me because there’s a lot less pollution in southern China. Lived in Henan for a yeah and absolutely it’s terrible. In the Winter the average daily AQI was at least 300


I’m always so confused by this sub. I thought this was a technology sub but it feels a lot more like a news sub


Beijing a few years ago was literally like no blue skies, its so much better nowdays