Covid-19: Three test positive at Olympic Village, sparking fears of outbreak ahead of Games

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> “We can ensure that transmission between the various groups is almost impossible.” This will age well


I’ve heard reports that the Japanese are really trying to keep groups isolated but coordination with outside services like food and support are causing people to mix and mingle breaking the isolation protocols, so yeah…it’s bound to happen. IMHO- Japan should have taken a pass on hosting this year, this is going to turn into a PR nightmare.


Over the last hour of scrolling the articles have gone from 1 to 3. Feels almost like I’m watching this in real time


There seems to be a received wisdom on Reddit that there’s nothing that can be done; Japan’s hands are tied by its contract with the IOC. This isn’t true, and worse, it plays into the hands of the worst elements of the IOC and the Japanese Government. Firstly, the contract is between the municipality of Tokyo and the IOC. The federal government could absolutely impose restrictions to an extent that would effectively cancel the Olympics. This would likely put Japan in breach of covenants/guarantees (legally “softer” than contracts), but any contractual cancellation payments to the IOC would likely be off the table, since, well, there’s no contract. Secondly, the city of Tokyo could still unilaterally cancel the games. This *would* breach the contract, but that’s not necessarily the end of it. It would head to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and, ultimately, to the Swiss court system. Both of these bodies have provisions for situations where extraordinary circumstances render fulfilment of the contract impossible or unconscionable. Who knows, but it’s not unreasonable to think that Tokyo would have a good chance of winning these cases. The real issue is that either of these options are the nuclear button in terms of Japan ever, *ever*, holding an Olympics again. So a lot of corrupt schmoozers in the IOC and the various levels of the Japanese Government would lose out. Therefore, it’s just a convenient cover story for those people to push the narrative that “there’s nothing that can be done.” It’s absolutely possible for the Games to be cancelled by Japan in a way that would likely not result in them having to pay up for breach of contract.


Damnit the show must go on. Won’t anyone think of the sponsors!!