Daily Simple Questions Thread – July 18, 2021

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When should i deadlift on my PPL split? If i deadlift on my legdays i then have to squat with already tired legs which isnt very nice. But if i deadlift on my pull day, my legs will probably be somewhat sore the day after and i wont be able to get a good leg workout :/


At which point do you go from beginner to intermediate lifter? Does it have to do with the rate of progress? With strength? With knowledge?


So my knee problems got too bad to ignore and I had to leave the gym today during leg day when it felt like I was being stabbed during warmups. I’m sure I’ll end up on the Saturday thread as the dude who set up the rack and squatted the bar once then left. I’m gonna go fix to see a physio but while I wait for that are there any good general rehab exercises on YouTube or anything that I can do


Will I be pushing myself too much if I do 60-75 mins of lifting in the morning and then do a 30 min run in the evening? I want to add more cardio to my workout but I don’t feel like doing cardio in the gym at all.


My program says to increase bench press/ohp by 1kg each time. The smallest plates my gym has is 1.25kg. Is it worth buying 2x 500g plates to take with me, or can I do something else to progress?