Fire operations-prescribed burning combo reduces wildfire severity up to 72%. Prescribed burns, or controlled fires intentionally set to clear shrubs and forest litter before a wildfire ever ignites, can make fire suppression operations almost three times as effective in limiting wildfire severity

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Where do you get research grants for showing what people have known at least since Shakespeare’s time?


Yes! Now imagine if we had fire crews doing this instead of fruitlessly battling super fires. Then imagine it again where they do it under co2 capturing devices to then sequester carbon. We should really overhaul what a fire department does and stop bandaiding


Controlled/prescribed burns have been a thing for a very, very long time. I see it done nearly year round here in California all up and down highway 5 and pretty much all freeways here actually.


What was the point of this study? The only thing they have done is put a number on how well this method works. The principals behind it has been know for thousands of years. “Burn stuff now so less to burn later” and “Put the wet stuff on the hot stuff”. There’s no comment about particulars such as how often should you do prescribe burning. What intensity is required during prescribed burning. How effective are fire breaks. How effective is back burning….etc. So what was the point?


The problem is the criminal organization known as the California State Government doesnt like controlled burns.