Floods are Germany’s worst natural disaster in over 50 years, over 130 dead

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Honest question and i don’t mean this in a snarky manner AT ALL. How do people die from rivers flooding? Is it people hiding in their homes but then their home is washed away? People trying to drive out of the city? People killed indirectly by loss of electricity, run out of food, etc? Edit: thanks to all the folks taking my question seriously. I definitely underestimated how quickly the flooding occurred and I didn’t realize this also happened at night!


What’s the chance of it being caused by the climate change? If yes, is it going to happen more frequently?


I see a lot of normal cars driving through water deeper than 30 cm. This is not without danger. Here are some tips for driving through deep water if you are out of options. 1) keep water out of the engine. If you don’t have a jeep with a high air intake you are risking to suck up air, stall and cause severe engine damage. Not to mention getting stuck in the middle of the water… If you are forced to drive through deep water open the box where your airfilter is. It is easy and in a lot of cars you can do this without tools. If you do this your car will take air from the top of your engine and not lower down. 2)If you drive through the water keep the engine above 3k revs. You need to keep pressure in the exhaust or the water pressure can force your engine to stall. 3)Don’t drive to fast! Hitting the water at higher speed will cause damage to your front and radiators. 4) Keep window open and no seat belt. In case you need to bail fast. 5) Don’t risk it with kids in the back. If all goes wrong getting yourself to safety is enough challenge. With kids you might not make it. No car is worth this risk.


I saw a video on Twitter and was speechless, that shit looked scary


That sucks. I love Germany. I traveled there once a year (pre-pandemic)