France: Thousands protest against vaccination, COVID passes – Thousands of people marched around France to protest mandatory vaccinations for health care workers and COVID-19 passes that will be required to enter restaurants and other venues

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Ok, 100K marched, but at the same time 3.5 million signed up to be vaccinated, and on Tuesday nearly 800K were vaccinated in a single day.


I never knew Fox News had a French affiliate.


Lived in France for 20 years, and my god the French will bitch and moan no matter who is in charge. Like him or hate him at least Macron is competent, imagine if they had Boris as president, they would never not be protesting.


I am ashamed that I found comfort and a strange sort of patriotic pride in this story: America is NOT the only country with lots of loud misguided people.


You can be pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine pass at the same time.