Gen Z and Millennials. What’s Something You Wish The Older Generations Understood?

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How old the oldest millennials actually are. “Millennials cannot afford houses” doesn’t sound like a big deal if you only see millennials as people in their 20s, but the problem is that the oldest millennials are approaching 40 and they still can’t afford a house.


Just because I know where/how to find the answer to something doesn’t mean I “think I’m smarter than you.” I’m just trying to save both of us from wasting time.


Throughout our schooling, we had to write research papers using online sources, and our teachers really stressed the importance of being able to identify a credible source before citing it. Don’t be offended when you send us an article from and we dismiss it outright.


That the cost of education far outpaced inflation and wage growth in the US. If I had a dime for each boomer who lectured me about working my way through school like they did, I might almost be able to buy a house!


That $15/hour in 2021 does not give you the same purchasing power that it did in 1985. When I hear an older person say “I used to get by just fine on $15/hour”, I wanna slap them.