Hate-Preacher: If Your Church Takes COVID Seriously, “Find You Another One”!

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Find you another one, or none might be better.


The brighter Christians will avoid churches that preach politically motivated lies. There is nothing very Christian about intentionally endangering the lives and well being of your congregations, for political reasons. If evangelicals actually bothered to read the book they pretend to live by, they would see there is nothing very Jesusy or biblical about politicized evangelicalism. I find it amusing that atheists can see the serious problems better than those who belong to these evangelical groups. Many atheists know more about the bible than the average believer because the average evangelical believer has never actually read the book they keep telling others to read. But reading, actually reading the bible, has created a lot of atheists.


What the fuck kind of message is that? Why do people listen to this garbage. Fuck Christianity


Yes. Yes, this is the way. Give all those stubborn ignorant fools COVID.


This is a result of a concrete thinking lens exercised for years in this man’s psyche. His confirmation bias has him thinking he understands yes another complex issue so well that he can define it with certainty and simplicity. This goes way beyond this last year and a half.