How do you tell religious people they have wasted their lives by being so committed to their beliefs?

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I don’t.


I see no reason to do so unless they asked my opinion on the matter


I listen to all these complaints about rudeness and intemperateness, and the opinion that I come to is that there is **no polite way** of asking somebody: “Have you considered the possibility that your entire life has been devoted to a delusion?” But that’s a good question to ask. Of course we should ask that question and of course it’s going to offend people. Tough. * Daniel Dennett


Have they wasted their lives though? They may have been wrong on an issue, and wasted some time praying etc., but assuming they had a job, friends, love and family, did things for others and themselves, its hard to claim it was wasted. People who forgo those things, yeah thats harder, and it may be kinder to let them live their delusion.


People are stupid, arguing with them goes nowhere