I thought I was narcissistic, until I read the Bible.

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Raising your arms in front of your TV to send your energy to Goku would be a far more noble cause, even if equally preposterous.


If I was an all powerful, omnipotent god, why the fuck would I care about what Cheryl and Steven think of me?


You forget the best part: When you go to heaven, you are rewarded by being able to slavishly praise god for all eternity. Congrats!


>Why does God want us to beg to him, why does he want all this praise if he’s the all knowing almighty force of nature? God didn’t write the Bible, people did.


What about the fact that he created us in his own image and then punishes us for not doing what he wants? What kind of logic is that? That’s like me trying to create a sex bot and i don’t put in a blowjob option and then burn it forever for not sucking my dick 😀