In 2020, U.S. Coal Production Fell To Its Lowest Level Since 1965

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Makes sense. We’ve also reached the peak for oil demand worldwide. A slow but steady reduction in fossil fuels should continue, never disappearing completely, though. Much is up to battery and storage capacity, which keep improving. Renewables are now producing more power than ever, when the sun is out and the wind is blowing. Hydro-fuels are another option. But coal? It’ll go the way of whale oil eventually.


Great, now let make next year the lowest since 1865!


Trump ran on saving coal jobs. Haha. What a Dinosaur.


It’s time to close the mines and say thank you for your service. Give them some sort of VA style benefits until they find other work or retire. Encourage renewable energy to build solar/wind manufacturing in the impacted towns. It’s long past time.


But I thought Trump was gonna save coal and bring back the past. I’m beginning to think this Trump guy cannot be trusted.