In my country (Italy) there’s a website that shows on a map the churches were priests abuse has occurred. Useful and… disturbing to see how many they are. You’ll have to run it through Google translate obviously.

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Holy shit. Jesus fucking Christ. God damn it. There are people who will be more offended by those 8 words than by the contents of the map and what that represents. Fuck. The Catholic church specifically, and organised religion in general, has a lot to answer for.


Somebody needs to do this world wide….


it kinda looks like the map of churches where priests have NOT abused children would be blank.


I think this would be good for tour guides. “And if you look to the left you’ll see the church where the most sexual abuses in history during a 3 month period occured”. Ok, I know I shouldn’t joke about serious matters but nothing is sacred in my book.


Imagine another business with this many cases of sexual abuse. I can’t. Most would have been run out of business after about three not three million. Yet the Catholic Church keeps on chugging along.