In the John Wick universe, you can earn a coin for executing a hit, or for serving a drink at the Continental…So, many, many, people have probably died for the price of a cocktail.

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The gold coins exchanged in The Continental do not represent “money” in the classic sense, even though they take the form of “coins.” The coins represent *favours.* This is why John Wick is able to “purchase” thousands of dollars worth of firearms (H&K Pistol, AR-15 and Benelli Shotgun, all with custom modifications) by proffering a single 1 oz gold coin worth about $1500. (The Benelli shotgun by itself retails for more than the value of the coin.) This is also why the hit that’s put out on Wick is expressed in dollars instead of coins.


To be fair, those cocktails are to die for


Yeah the whole coin thing I agreed with myself that I would just not think too much about it. None of the valuable items in John Wick make any real sense, but then the movie isn’t about that, those items are something of a deus ex machina, allowing a quick fix to any contrivance the writers have to include for the sake of the plot.


Saw a video where the writer of the movie said the coins weren’t used as currency, but as “business cards” letting people know you were a member of the club.


Well “I’d kill for a drink…” suddenly has a deeper meaning.