India is proposing a 2-child policy to keep its population under control, and it includes cash benefits for couples who opt for voluntary sterilization

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I have a friend from Sweden who lived in India, supposedly no matter where you go, there are some people there hanging out. Go out into the middle of a desert, and you’ll find some people there too.


To be accurate, it’s not india as a whole that’s proposing this. Just a few states.


It’s absolutely wild how the world ended up like this – with some places so overpopulated that policies limiting the number of children you can have are in place and yet other places where the population is forecasted to shrink to concerning levels because people are having fewer and fewer children. Obviously we can’t just redistribute everyone on a whim, it just always blows my mind how these things happen.


I wish the US would pay me not to have kids


I don’t think it’s a good idea to make it illegal to have kids, but I would totally take that cash bonus.