Israel Recruited the Jewish National Fund to Secretly Buy Palestinian Land for Settlers

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What? I am pretty sure it’s not a secret and this is the purpose of the Jewish National Fund…


Any land purchases would have to be done secretly and/or involve intermediaries, otherwise the Palestinians selling the land would face arrest by the Palestinian Authority, since selling land to Israelis is a serious crime in Palestine punishable by death or life in prison. Even this article briefly mentions it at one point: >The seller was arrested by the Palestinian Authority for selling land to Jews.


Well yeah its illegal for palestinian to sell land to a jew so they had to figure out workarounds


No surprise. It’s was a covered operation. America will ALWAYS prohibit any UN Declaration regarding the issues at hand.


Why the fuck is the word settler being used? If that land your taking already has people living on it and your taking it against their will Its invasion, conquest, stealing…. settlers implies there was no one there. There was. There is. They might as well be honest with what they’re doing its not like they’re fooling any of us. We see them. Invading & stealing and displacing people from their land.