It feels like Ally Bank stole about $5,000 form us

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Just an FYI that in order to have it be a primary residence, you have to commit to occupying within 60 days of purchase. So, without specifics on issue #1, that appears to be the main concern here. Sucks how they handled this for sure though. I think I’d at least try the CFPB, but don’t expect much.


For future reference, the BBB has no real use. They’re essentially an older version of Yelp that makes people think they can actually do something because they have the word Bureau in their name. Sometimes they can get a company to talk to you, but so can a Google review.


Just FYI – Ally Home Loans have basically nothing to do with Ally Bank proper. They’re Better mortgages sold under a co branding agreement. None of which is to diminish how sucky this experience was for you, of course, and if the brand is too poisoned for you I understand that.


I’m going to ask the stupid question (forgive me in advance) but to my understanding you can only have one primary residence right? So if you have a loan with house A (as primary) and then purchase house B (as primary as well with the intent of selling house A)… if house A doesn’t sell as fast does that mean that you are still paying at a primary residence rate on house A and B? What if you eventually take house A off the market and you still have house B that closed as a primary residence with that 50-75bps lower rate same as you would have gotten with house A when purchased as primary residence… would you be able to keep both at that rate or would they make you refi with a higher rate then? Making you refi doesn’t sound plausible but I’m not sure (and thus the stupid question).


This sucks, but my guess is that you don’t have a lot of options, other than those you’re already pursuing. Until a loan closes, you can pull out, they can revise the estimate. They did….