It’s amazing how much lgbt+ christians can rationalize the bible’s views on homosexuality.

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How is that different from any other type of Christian? Descendants of slaves rationalize or ignore the pro-slavery bits. Female Christians rationalize or ignore the misogynistic parts. Peaceful Christians rationalize or ignore the violent parts. Rabid, fundamentalist zealots rationalize or ignore whatever parts they disagree with. There’s nothing about gay Christians which distinguishes them from any other type of Christian.


That’s how the bible is, anyone can get anything out of it. No matter what your views on things are the bible can be interpreted for them. It’s the big book of multiple choice after all.


He is very wrong. And he is wrong because the OT’s invention of original sin is the centrepiece of christianity still. If Jesus did die for all our sins, as he suggests, then original sin would also be null/void. OT sin is still very much alive.


If any christian brushes aside the old testament as insignificant, then they pretty much undermine their entire faith. 10 commandments? Old testament. Original sin? Old testament. If old testament scripture against homosexuality “doesn’t count,” then nothing in the old testament matters. This is cherry picking in its most egregious form.


The comment says LGBTQ, but as far as I know there isn’t anything about lesbians or bi/pan women, is there? That being a lesbian nun was wrong always confused me, because the antihomosexual stuff seemed to always be about men. And having kids was important ONLY if you were not going to devote yourself to god. So it seems like lesbian nun or bisexual woman with kids was alright in god’s eyes. I mean the reality is they didn’t take women’s sexuality seriously enough to make rules about it, but still…